Privacy Policy

FunAfrique Privacy Policy

How we use the data we receive

As a social media website, we receive different kinds of information including:

1.      Your personal information

These information are those that you provided when you sign up with FunAfrique including those you choose to share as status.

·         Registration information

When you sign up for FunAfrique, information like our name, email address, birthday, telephone number and gender were required. All these fall under the category of registration information.

·         Information you prefer to share

Information you prefer to share includes your status update, photos you upload, including those comments you made on your friend's status updates. These also include those information that you share when you do something like adding a friend, liking a website or changing your relationship. All these information are treated as something that you choose to make public.

2.      Information your friends share about you

When your friends share information about you such as when your photos, contact information are shared or mention you on a status update, these information are also shared to us. When members use FunAfrique, they may share or store information about you and others such as when they manage their contacts and invite others in it.

3.      Other information that FunAfrique receive about you

Other information about you includes:

·         When you post photos or videos on FunAfrique, we may receive metadata like time, date and place where you took these photos or videos.

·         Every time you interact at FunAfrique, we receive data about you such as when you send or receive messages, search for or chat with a friend or make a purchase.

·         We also receive computer related data such as IP addresses, Internet service, location and type of browser you use when you use FunAfrique.

·         We also receive information from affiliates and advertising partners who help us improve the quality of ads at FunAfrique. For example, they may share with us your reaction to a certain ad at FunAfrique.

Public information

We define “public information” as those information that you choose to share with anyone including those who have no access to FunAfrique. When you choose to make information public, it means that:

·         It can be associated with you (i.e., profile pictures, your name, cover photos, username, etc.) even outside of FunAfrique.

·         It can show up when someone makes a search on a public search engine or FunAfrique.

·         When your friends share information about you, they also presume that it is also public.

What Information are Always Publicly Available?

All information listed below are always available to the public. They are treated just like the information that you decided to make publicly available.

·         Your name

Your name is what enables your friends and relatives find you. In case you are not comfortable in using your true identity, you can always delete your account.

·         Your profile pictures and cover photos

Using a profile picture enables your friends and relatives recognize who you are. If you are uncomfortable with making your profile picture being made public, you can always delete it. Even if you replace a profile photo with a new one, the previous one will always remain public unless deleted.

·         Gender

Providing the right gender allows us, your friends and relatives to address you in the proper manner.

·         Username and ID

Your username and ID is what enables us to provide a customized link to your page. With this you can also receive email to your FunAfrique account.

How Do We Use the Information We Receive?

The information that you provide when signing up with FunAfrique will be used in connection with the services that we provide to you.

·         For example, in order to help advertisers know what you are doing in the site, we may use the information we have about you.

·         To enable game developers know about what sort of games they should develop in the future, we may use the information we receive about you.

·         Measure the effectiveness of the way ads are provided in the site.

·         To improve our services, troubleshoot problems, analyze data and research further improvements.

Allowing us to use your information not only enables us to provide services that are fun and sound here at FunAfrique, it also enables us to improve these existing services and provide more in the future.

Deleting or Deactivating Your Account

When you no longer want to use your FunAfrique account, you could either deactivate it or permanently delete it.

Deactivating Your Account

When you deactivate your account, it will be put on hold. Although users will no longer see you in the website, this does not mean that we delete your account and the information that goes with it. When you deactivate your account, you are practically telling FunAfrique not to delete your information because you might want to reactivate your account in the future. In your account settings, you can easily deactivate your account.

Deleting your Account

When you delete your account with FunAfrique, this is permanently removed from out site. We allow thirty days to delete your account and we hold your information in our backups for 90 days. Since deletion is a permanent act, you should only do this only if you are absolutely sure that you will not reactivate it in the future. From your account settings, you can easily delete your account.

Sharing and Finding you on FunAfrique

Audience Control During a Post

Whenever you post something on FunAfrique (status update or photos), you can control the audience of your post.

When you tag a person, his friends will see your story even if you control your type of audience. Always observe proper judgment before you post anything on FunAfrique because just like anything else in the web, things you share here can be re-shared to anyone else.

How to Find You at FunAfrique

In order to make it easier for people to connect with each other at FunAfrique, anyone with your contact information such as your email or telephone number can find your here through our search bar. They can also use tools like contact importers to find you even if you have not shared your contact with them. Through our privacy settings, you can control who can find you but other people can still find you through those who are already connected to you. The privacy setting is not an absolute control on whether people can find you or not. You have to remember that FunAfrique is a social network and as such, people will eventually find each other. 

Your Activity Log

Through your activity log, you can view most of the information you share on FunAfrique. Through this log, you can easily manage your contents or the things that you share. For example, you can edit or delete stories, control its audience or stop publishing it altogether.

When you hide a content on FunAfrique, this does not mean that it is not accessible through other means. It can be accessed for example, through your friends news feed. I you don't want your content to be accessible at all, you can delete it altogether.

Things Your Friends Share About You

Your friends and others can add links to your stories and contents at FunAfrique. For example, if you are writing a blog, you can add a link to that blog at FunAfrique. If somebody clicks on that link, they can only see what you allow them to see.

When you tag somebody at FunAfrique, you are actually providing a link to that person's account. Anyone can tag you here and when you are tagged, you and your friends will be able to see the contents that you are tagged on.

You have the freedom to choose whether a content or story you were tag on can appear to your account or not. You have the option to approve each story individually or approve all stories posted by your friends. If in case you approve a story but later on decided against it, you can always remove it from your account.

If you don't want anyone to tag you, you have the option of telling them or blocking them altogether from your account. From that point on, they will no longer be able to tag you but, you will consequently not be able to see their updates as well.

If you are tagged or linked in a private message or in a group, only the people included in that group can see the tag or link. The same principle works in a comment. Only the people who can see the comment can see the link or tag.


The moment you join a group, through an “invite”, any member of the group can add you to a subgroup. You will have a status of “invited” until you join that group and you can always leave the group any time you like.


All pages that you create in FunAfrique are public pages. This is a good way for companies to share information regarding their product or services and reach a wide range of audience. Communities can also use pages to discuss their specific interest and gather likeminded people. You can create pages on just about anything from stamp collection to baseball.

Due to the public nature of pages, all information you share here are public information. This means that comments that you share on the pages can be used by the page owner to advance the interest of the page and everybody can see it.

When you like a page on FunAfrique, you make a link to that page to your own account and you friends can see it. This means that you can now receive any update done on the page. You also have the freedom to remove the like and the page will consequently be removed from your account.

How Advertising Work at FunAfrique

At FunAfrique, we don't share any of your information unless you expressly allow us to. Or, we can share your information when we have removed anything that would expressly identify you with it.

When we use your information, it is for the purpose of providing ads that are relevant to you. This information includes pages that you like, specific words you use on your stories and status updates and other things we infer from you.

Advertisers at Bulalala are given the leeway to choose their audience through keywords, locations and other demographics. This ensures a high degree of relevance in the ads posted in our website. As an example, our advertisers can surgically target women from South Africa from 18-35 years of age who like to play football. They could also target viewers with specific musical taste with keywords like “reggae” or “rock” or even using a particular artist as the keyword for the search. When you like a page with these topics, you may also see ads related to it. Our advertisers a follow our Advertising Guideline especially with regards to the use of information that are sensitive to our audience.

When the advertiser decides to place an ad to a page, we serve it in such a way that it fits the criteria selected by them but we don't disclose to whom the ad is being placed. When you interact with the ads on your account, they can only guess that you might be a woman from South Africa who likes to play football who is possibly 18-35 years of age. When the ad is already running, we provide reports to the advertisers as to how the ads are performing by telling them how many users made a click through.

If you have some question or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact the site administrator at FunAfrique. We will be more than happy to include your suggestions for the improvement of this site and to benefit all our subscribers.

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