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How Russian rail expertise can benefit Ghana

Posted On: 2017-09-04

Railway transportation is one of the fastest and more economical mode of transportation over long distances within a country and even among neighbouring countries. It aids in improving the economy through trade and creating mobility between different geographical locations.

Ghana’s railway system was very vibrant during the years before it gained independence in the 1950s, however, the railway sector was not given much attention by subsequent administrations which nearly Continue Reading »

Samira Bawumia visited cast of Kumkum Bhagya so what

Posted On: 2017-08-07

In days leading to the 2016 General Elections and its aftermath, Samira Bawumia, wife of the Vice President of the Republic, had been in the spotlight, generating rave reviews for almost all her endeavours – from her campaign speeches to her fashion sense, but, last week, she got a taste of bad press.

 Continue Reading »

Keep to the ideals of our forebears stop the ugly intolerance and polarization

Posted On: 2017-08-06

The Supreme Court has said and rightly so, that the Constitution embodies our heritage, ideals, hopes and aspirations as a people and country.

The framers, in keeping faith with the ideals of our forebears provided a separate and whole chapter enjoining that these chapter 6 directive principles of state policy "shall guide all citizens, Parliament, the President, the Judiciary, the Council of State, the Cabinet, political parties and other bodies and persons" in the Continue Reading »

Is it okay to merely repair the broken relationship among EC Commissioners

Posted On: 2017-07-28

All over the world, it happens from time to time that the relationship between work colleagues become sour. Just like any damaged relationship, some of the professional relationship broken down can be repaired but it comes to a point that there is no benefit of repairing some broken relationship as that will cause more problems. 

Since the animosity between Ms Charlotte Osei and her two deputies became public, several people have offered different opinion. Some have asked Continue Reading »

The battle of the sexes in organisational management

Posted On: 2017-07-20

In the battle of the sexes, recent studies show that women have certain characteristics that make them better leaders. Women operate and manage businesses and organizations in some significantly different ways than men do.

Vicky Nimbalkar advises that the number of female managers have steadily increased through the years. These are women who have decided for themselves to succeed as managers and leaders just as much as certain men who have decided to do the same. Although Continue Reading »

Celebrities and nudity much ado about something

Posted On: 2017-07-18

The nexus between arts, morality, ethics and law has been a complicated subject among showbiz people and the general public.

Art is best communicated and appreciated when it is not hobbled with any strings. Creativity they say thrives in freedom – but the freedom is relative to the society.
 Continue Reading »

Making teaching a more reputable profession in Ghana the fundamental role of the teacher

Posted On: 2017-07-13

As a developing country which considers education as the backbone of national development, the teaching profession should be seen as a gate way to realizing the dream of quality education that facilitates the very development we so yearn for. 

There cannot be quality education, an education that can produce quality human resource for this country, if we do not place premium on the vehicle of education which is the teacher. I'm always of the view that the teaching Continue Reading »

Africa disapora

Posted On: 2017-07-06

A "homecoming" for Ghana's Diaspora community started today in Accra. Africa has a rather strange relationship with its diaspora. Many are not allowed to vote or to hold top positions in government. When we happen to be dual citizens, our loyalty is questioned at every turn. We are reminded repeatedly that others have, "paid their dues by being here".

The African Union states that "African Diaspora consists of peoples of African origin living Continue Reading »

Blood tears of concerned citizens

Posted On: 2017-06-19

Hmm! aah! Aww! Are shocking sounds that have turned to sadden the citizenry in the first six months reign of NPP-led by Nana Akufo-Addo. So many occurring events recently have stunned the citizens of Ghana and foreigners as well. The insecurity is making Ghana an unfriendly destination for investors hence no confidence in doing business in the country any longer. There are even cancellation of trips by some known people all because of insecurity.

A country which is known as Continue Reading »

What if we begin and end with God

Posted On: 2017-06-16

Have you ever thought about how things were before God created heaven and earth? Think about it for a moment. However, before you scratch your head too hard and too long, let me help you a little with some of what did not exist. 

Of course, there was no heaven or earth. There was no human being, animal, bird or plant. There was no money, television, computer, or internet. There was no house, car, or airplane. There was no sin, sickness, or sadness. There was nothing or no Continue Reading »

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