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Do you know that Africa is continually increasing its use of the Social Media, not only to connect to friends and relatives but also to engage in business relationships worldwide? According to a census conducted back 2011, 90% of the population has a mobile phone which has access to the Internet.

This enables its population to overcome the physical barriers which in the past, limits engagement in political and busin

40% of people read their partners private messages

A survey has revealed that almost 40 per cent of people read through their partner’s private messages to test their loyalty.

Research undertaken by OnePoll to mark the release of the new film ‘Unforgettable’ starring Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson, which has revealed 38 per cent of people aged between 18 to 24 will browse through their lovers texts, web history and apps to keep checks on their other half, whilst only 11 per cent of couples over 55 years old will carry out the intensive search.

The survey also shows one in ten people have secretly contacted someone in their partner’s phone book and has had no shame in quizzing them about the nature of the exchanges made, whilst six per cent of people have admitted to catfishing their companion, and lured them into an online relationship under a fake identity to test their wandering eye.

The poll has discovered men are the more trusting gender, whilst 24 per cent of people confessed to searching their ex’s new flame on social media.


Source: Capitalfm

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I believe Mr Churchill still loves his wife dearly.....Aunty Tontoh please for the sake of God almighty that you love save your marriage and grant an


Its the beginning of good things for this discipline.


You have the right to support any person you want. I however, disagree with your assertion that Ghanaians would be crying for Mahama as they do for Kw

Samuel Pepperfo

Sorry for such a shocking news to the Families of Stephen Bortey Okane Being a School mate of year 1998.

Rev. Rudolf E. Y. Mensah

Thanks for the publication do not hesitate to contact me anytime you need a publication about a particular subject esp. Systematic theology. I mean





Chris Jude

To live better in the entire world a country needs to think positively. You can have love quotes for her , or any body to impress which makes her





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