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Do you know that Africa is continually increasing its use of the Social Media, not only to connect to friends and relatives but also to engage in business relationships worldwide? According to a census conducted back 2011, 90% of the population has a mobile phone which has access to the Internet.

This enables its population to overcome the physical barriers which in the past, limits engagement in political and busin

Ten tips for girls on attracting the right guy
Dated Mr Loser, Mr Lazy and Mr Angry and now really just want to date Mr Right? We’ve got 10 top tips to help you find the right guy. The right man is out there, but sometimes it takes us a little while to find him. It’s not that he’s hiding – it&rs...
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Either the dress looked too ravishing that i couldn’t resist its charm as displayed boldly on the mannequin at the boutique, or the shoe is in vogue and i have to be the chic , or my neighbor looked pretty in that pink lipstick and i feel i will look rather prettier in i...
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5 steps to decoding why he always seems pissed at you
There is a solution to that fight you have over and over again. Do you have the same fight over and over again with your partner? Do conflicts with your husband or boyfriend sound like this? You look over at your husband, who is texting or using Facebook on his pho...
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3 Ways to keep valentine’s day from killing your relationship
Are you about to make the  biggest mistake of your entire love life? What you may not know about Valentine’s Day is that it often turns out to be the beginning of the end for many couples. Here’s why … Many people evaluate the ove...
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Val’s day: 4 Unique ways of saying ‘I love you’
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. For those of you who don’t know, this year it’s on February 14. For those of you who are really clueless, it is always on February 14. If you aren’t the gift-giving type, that’s okay, because there are o...
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Its the beginning of good things for this discipline.


You have the right to support any person you want. I however, disagree with your assertion that Ghanaians would be crying for Mahama as they do for Kw

Samuel Pepperfo

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