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Do you know that Africa is continually increasing its use of the Social Media, not only to connect to friends and relatives but also to engage in business relationships worldwide? According to a census conducted back 2011, 90% of the population has a mobile phone which has access to the Internet.

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Fun Afrique as a social media is not just a place where you come to kill your time rather, it is a genuine community facility. It is a place where real people do real things just like in a real physical community. In fact, FunAfrique extends the South African community by reaching out to our peop

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When looking for a place to meet singles, you can't go wrong with FunAfrique. This is not only a social media but a real place to meet real singles that you can get to know and discover your compatibility. While there are other dating sites online, nothing beats the FunAfrique. Because this i


When you want to get updated with what goes on around the globe, the best place to be is FunAfrique’s News section. Here you can find the most relevant, fresh and balance news as it happens. Our news section is user generated and therefore, you can also join in its reporting making its cont

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